Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poetry: The Fellowship

Back in high school I dabbled in some poetry some time before the first of the Lord of the Rings movies came out. I wrote four epic poems set in that world (with some liberties at time). I'll be posting them here when I find I haven't posted in a while. I am not a poet, so I don't think these are great, but perhaps you'll disagree?

Here is the first of them.

The Fellowship

Ancient texts I found
And in them they abound
Stories of a ring
And the sword of a king.

My lands I left
For the sword to get
To ensure our victory
And go down in history.

After reaching Rivendell
Where the wise elves dwell,
I found the sword I sought
And the ring that was wrought.

Meeting Frodo the halfling
I could see he had the ring;
I was filled with burning desire,
The ring I would acquire.

Kneeling to his head,
This to Frodo I said:
“My service I will lend
'tis you who I’ll defend.”

The ring they would destroy,
Yet this I would not enjoy;
I proposed something instead,
This to Elrond I said:
“The weapon is a gift,
Great shadows we would lift
If we would use the ring,
Who knows what good we’ll bring?”

“Boromir, you are wrong;
None of us is strong
To wield the ring
And the power it will bring”
Was Elrond’s reply
Whom I would not defy.
And just as I expected
A fellowship was selected.

After preparing our horses
We set of in combined forces
Thus our journey we started
And from Rivendell departed.

Away we were sent
And down south we went,
When at Caradhras we arrived
I felt we wouldn’t survive.

Up the mountain we climbed
But we were ill timed,
For winter had brought snow
And the winds forth would blow

The mountain we could not pass
And were turned back, alas.
And to Moria we went
As was now our intent.

We reached the entrance in fact,
Yet the secret word we lacked;
We heard a wolf’s howl
As near us they would prowl.

The door would not yield
Until Gandalf revealed
The secret word or phrase
That would open up this maze.

And friend it was
The word that let us pass,
So we entered Khazad-dûm
Where Gandalf met his doom.

In the silence, we heard feet
In the darkness, eyes would peek;
We walked in constant fear
For something fey drew near.

As Moria we crossed
And before Gandalf was lost,
We entered the domain
Of the evil Durin’s Bane.

This creature of evil
Make Gandalf look feeble,
Yet over a pit
Gandalf resisted it.

So he said: “You shall not pass!”
And the bridge broke like glass,
Yet as the Balrog fell
On to Gandalf he held.

Out of Moria we ran
To later make our plan,
Aragorn now led
And to Lórien we head.

We entered the wood
And before the Lady stood,
To ask for her aid
For our faithful crusade.

On this I don’t lie
She gave us supply
To last for a year
And guard us from fear.

Some time we spent
Yet away we went,
And though filled with dread
To the falls we sped.

When Frodo was alone
And with understanding tone,
The ring I would demand
I would take it from his hand.

The ring I would take
And this was my mistake,
He would not heed my threat
And away from us he set.

And so Frodo ran
As fast as any Hobbit can,
But then he wore the ring
And no more was he seen.

An orc party came;
Hobbits they would claim.
Merry and Pippin I defended
And it was then that I ended.

Those two were taken
And I was so shaken,
For many a dart
Had pierced my heart.

I sounded my horn,
But I was forlorn
Until Aragorn came
Much to my shame.

I told him what had befallen
How to the ring I had fallen;
Now that Frodo had fled
This to Aragorn I said:
“I will die here today,
I curse this fateful day;
I tried to take the ring from him
Now the future seems dark and grim.”

With sadness in my heart
This world I would depart;
I took my last breath,
Surrendering to death.

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