Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Line of Fire Across The Andes

Today was a cold, overcast day with some light rain in Santiago. It wasn't the rainest or the coldest day I've seen, but when I looked out in the late afternoon I was impressed.

This is what I saw:

I think my camera has failed to capture the amazing scene I was seeing, but I tried my best.

The clouds started to dissipate so you can see a little clearer and the rain has washed away the smog. There is some snow on the mountains, though that has been there a while. The most impressive aspect was the narrow line of sunset-light hitting the mountains, like a band of fire across the the Andes. The line moved up as sunset progressed and then disappeared.

If you look closely at the Escuela Militar (the big brown building in the center), you can see a line of cadets walking around in the rain with their regular chanting. Rain or shine, these guys will go out and practice their marching all the time.

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