Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chile After the Rain

Yesterday we had a lot of rain in Santiago. The day started foggy and cold:

It then started raining, with thunder and lightning, and eventually even hail.
Getting that much rain in Santiago all at once is rare, but it was necessary given that the Metropolitan Region has been in drought for the past few years. The amount of rain thus far this year (7.3 mm, including a brief rain shower in early April) still is less than the yearly average up to this date of 11.5 mm.

The news today is reporting that last night we saw flooding in some sectors with a few minor landslides. The main problem is traffic jams or "tacos" that were an hour longer than usual. The metro was very crowded and apparently also suffered from some technical problems near Manquehue that caused delays, but it's not clear if it was due to the rainy weather.
The lack of proper drainage in Santiago causes flooding very quickly. Credit: maritesanz 

Today, however, the day is expected to be clear or partly cloudy.
I woke up this morning to see a beautiful sunrise over mountains that are now capped with snow:

Winter is truly coming...

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