Monday, January 2, 2012


It's a New Year and I decided this is the perfect time to start something new: blogging.
I've been thinking about this for a long time and figured I should just give it a try. There's plenty of blogs out there so this isn't something especially significant, but hopefully it will be my little corner of cyberspace.

First off, who am I?
I am a professional astronomer at Universidad de Chile. I am originally from Puerto Rico and have lived in the US for ~9 years of my life. While I don't intend to share everything here, my background serves as the lens through which I view the world (as it does for all of us).
I may do a more in-depth introduction post later on, if I feel it necessary.

What is this blog about?
Anything and everything that interests me, or that I feel needs saying. In general this will be book reviews, astronomy news, movie or game reviews, life in Chile, or any other curiosity. Though I'll focus on things I like, there may be time I mention those I don't like, such as US politics or Chilean banks.
All articles will be in English, though I may link to Spanish sites if I find the need to comment on them.

How frequent will I post?
That's the tricky question. I can envision being very enthusiastic at first and then getting bored and abandoning this blog, as I've seen some of my friends do. However, I have a plan for this. I read a lot and I write a brief review on Goodreads every time I finish a book. All I have to do is make sure to post my review here and voila, my blog remains active. Last year Goodreads marked me down at reading ~30 books, so not bad ;)

Hence, expect frequent book reviews (generally science fiction and fantasy) and musing on other topics.
Let's hope this blogging thing works out.

- Strakul

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